Meet the founders

Our brand was created and inspired by today’s multi-tasking parents, those who make each moment enjoyable, rich, fun, and beautiful.

The desire for quality products, that goes further and can adapt to fulfilling any need beyond expectations, is something that every parent has, and fortunately for you, this is where you can rely on us.

At AMILLIARDI, we know that in today's fast-paced lifestyle, parenting can be challenging, and we are here to help you ensure that you’ve got this whole raising a baby thing right!

We are devoted to making your life easier by crafting quality products that you can trust because we know that quality is something you just can’t afford to compromise on and that your baby deserves the best.

Parenting journey can be a rollercoaster, especially for mothers. Sometimes it takes more than your family or your friend's help. Sometimes what you need is to believe in yourself and find a brand with products that supports you along the way.

Just remember, you are the bright light in your child's life, and we are here to help you keep that light stay up high!